Greenback Lane

Known for its lively atmosphere and wide variety of attractions, Greenback Lane is a significant thoroughfare in Citrus Heights, California. Greenback Lane is a 10-mile stretch that connects Folsom to the city of Sacramento and is lined with eateries, shopping malls, parks, and residential areas. This article will examine the past, features, and neighborhood of Greenback Lane.

Greenback Lane’s past

When the Greenback Mining Company acquired the historic Mexican land grant known as Rancho San Juan in the 1850s, Greenback Lane was originally a part of that grant. According to legend, the green paper money used during the American Civil War is where the name “Greenback” originated.

The area’s farmers and ranchers used Greenback Lane as their primary means of transportation in the early 1900s. Throughout the middle of the 20th century, Greenback Lane expanded along with the neighborhood as new commercial and residential constructions were built nearby.

Today, Greenback Lane is still developing as a significant residential and commercial hub in the Sacramento area. The street is a well-liked hangout for both locals and tourists because it combines modern conveniences with old-world charm.

Things to Do on Greenback Lane

Shops, parks, and restaurants are just a few of the attractions that can be found on Greenback Lane. The Sunrise Mall, which is close to the intersection of Sunrise Boulevard and Greenback Lane, is one of the most well-liked shopping areas. The Sunrise Mall has more than 100 shops and eateries, including Macy’s, JCPenney, and H&M, so it has something for everyone.

The Birdcage Center, another well-liked shopping center on Greenback Lane, offers a variety of specialty shops, eateries, and services. A movie theater, fitness center, and a variety of restaurants are also located in the center, which is anchored by a Walmart Supercenter.

Rusch Park, which has a sizable community center, a swimming pool, a skate park, and sports fields, is one of the parks and recreational areas that can be found in Greenback Lane. The park is a well-liked destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts because it also has picnic areas, playgrounds, and walking trails.

Greenback Lane offers a variety of options for those looking for a distinctive dining experience, including regional favorites like Joe’s Crab Shack, Chando’s Tacos, and Cafe Rio. Numerous international eateries, including those serving Thai, Mexican, and Chinese food, are also located on the street.

Neighborhood on Greenback Lane

Residents of Greenback Lane come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, making it a vibrant and diverse neighborhood. Numerous schools, including San Juan High School and Sylvan Middle School, are located on this street and are part of the San Juan Unified School District.

Several yearly events that bring the community together also include the Citrus Heights Community Marching Band Festival, which attracts marching bands from all over the area. The concert, which is held at San Juan High School, highlights the abilities and character of local musicians and students.

Additionally, Greenback Lane organizes a number of neighborhood gatherings throughout the year, such as the Citrus Heights Community Block Party, which has live entertainment, food stands, and kid-friendly activities. Residents can gather together and get to know their neighbors at the community celebration event.


In Citrus Heights, California, Greenback Lane is a distinctive and energetic destination that offers a blend of history, attractions, and community. Greenback Lane offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a day of shopping, outdoor activities, or international cuisine. Greenback Lane is a must-visit location in the Sacramento area due to its extensive history and varied selection of offerings.

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