Rusch Park

A 43-acre park called Rusch Park can be found in the Californian city of Citrus Heights. For local families, athletes, and nature lovers, it is a well-liked vacation spot. Sports fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, and walking trails are just a few of the park’s many amenities. Rusch Park in Citrus Heights has grown to be a cherished community center thanks to its extensive amenities and rich history.


Herman and Helen Rusch first acquired ownership of Rusch Park when they did so in 1925. The couple turned the area into a flourishing orchard because they had a love for gardening. They raised peaches, plums, and apricots, among other fruits. The Rusch family started offering developers pieces of their land in the 1950s. They donated a portion of the property to the City of Citrus Heights for use as a park in 1965 because they were determined to preserve the orchard.

Rusch Park has undergone numerous additions and renovations since that time. The park expanded in the 1970s to include a community center, a swimming pool, and extra sports fields. The park underwent a significant renovation in the 1990s that included the construction of a walking trail and a brand-new playground. The park is still developing today, with constant upgrades and additions.


There are numerous amenities available at Rusch Park for visitors of all ages and interests. A volleyball court, baseball and softball diamonds, soccer fields, and other sporting facilities can be found in the park. Local teams and leagues that play sports frequently use these fields.

Rusch Park has a number of playgrounds for younger visitors, including a sizable, multi-level play structure with slides, climbing walls, and interactive features. In addition, the park has a splash pad that is open in the summer and gives kids a fun place to cool off on hot days.

Several picnic areas with tables and grills can be found in Rusch Park in addition to sports fields and playgrounds. Families frequently gather here for birthday celebrations and other events. Throughout the year, the park’s sizable community center offers a range of classes, programs, and events. The facility has a large event space, a kitchen, and numerous meeting rooms.

Forests and Trails

Nature lovers will also enjoy visiting Rusch Park. The park is home to many different types of trees, such as oak, walnut, and sycamore. The park is equipped with a number of walking trails that let visitors explore the region’s stunning natural surroundings. Joggers and cyclists are also frequent users of the trails.

The sensory garden in Rusch Park is one of its most distinctive features. The garden’s variety of plants and flowers were chosen for their texture, scent, and color in order to engage visitors’ senses. The park’s sensory garden is a calm and tranquil area where you can unwind and escape the bustle of everyday life.


Numerous annual events, which are well-attended by both locals and guests, are also held in Rusch Park. The Citrus Heights Community March and Celebration, which takes place on July Fourth, is one of the most well-liked occasions. A parade, live music, food trucks, and fireworks are all part of the celebration.

The Rusch Home and Garden Show, which takes place in the spring, is another well-liked occasion. The show includes exhibitors and vendors who present the most recent goods and services in home and garden design.

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